Our Vision



                                  Community Outreach

Church Calendar of Events

  • January 14: Second Sunday Youth Led Services
  • January 15: GHIMF Martin Luther King, Jr. Emancapation Service @ Progressive Union MBC 7pm
  • January 23: Congregational Meeting 6pm
  • January 28: Pulpit Exchange with Rev. Cordelia Howell-Diamond, Christ Church Presbyterian Church 8am, 11am
  • "God Is Faithful" Morning Devotional & Prayer Time (Mon-Fri) @ 7:00 - 7:15am CT | Call 302-202-1108 and enter code 625948...see more

Church Street CPCA aspires to live faithfully, peacefully, and lovingly; growing through change and spreading the gospel to the world

Church St CPCA News

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Worship and Study Times

  • Sunday Morning Early Service - 8am
  • Sunday Morning Midday Service - 11am
  • Sunday School - 9:45am
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study - 6:30pm
  • Wednesday Night Youth Bible Study - 5pm

Pastor Dr. Mitchell Walker, Sr. and First Lady Elaine Walker

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